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Stephanie Joy

Stephanie Joy HeadshotStephanie Joy is a Contemporary Christian artist with a Praise & Worship focus, whose love for Jesus overflows in worship through song. A Rhode Island native, she grew up singing along side her father Stephen Pati. As her love for music grew she stepped into the role as one of the worship leaders at her church. Her love for music has been a life long journey which started as a little girl singing sweet songs to the Lord and crescendo-ed into a joyful noise reflecting the love of Christ overflowing from her heart. Stephanie’s passion is to live for Christ alone and strives to spread His love through the gift the Lord has blessed her with.

Stephanie’s heart-cry is that, “It is all about the cross, it is all about Jesus and what he done for us. He has made the way for all of us. We are nothing without him, we are broken and desperate and our soul longs to be with him. Lets make famous the name of Jesus and make him the spotlight of our praise. Because of him we are covered and made clean. If only we can wrap our minds around that, we can do nothing but be in complete awe and drop to our knees in praise and worship to our King, King Jesus!” She invites you to enter into a life of worship with her and experience the freedom and Joy that comes when you submit your life to him.

Stephanie is now married to her loving husband Thomas and has been blessed with two beautiful daughters Adrianna and Penelope. She has been one of the worship leaders at her church for the past 8 years. Stephanie’s passion and pure love for singing and lifting up words of praise to Jesus encourages and blesses many. She recently entered into the Contemporary Christian music scene along with her great team of talented musicians and friends. Tyler Robbio playing electric and acoustic guitar, John Volatile playing bass and background vocals, Michael Napoleoni on the drums, and Chris (Simmy) Szymkowicz on keyboard, harmonica and accordion. Her production team consists of David John Simas and her husband Thomas.

Stephanie has had a very eventful 2016 having opened for Jared Anderson, Jonny Diaz (who owns the #1 Christian song of 16-“just breathe”), performing at River Rock Music Festival (2016) and opening for Cloverton on their “Hallelujah Christmas tour”. Musical performances will entertain and move you, but most importantly when taking away the music and voice, she prays you encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit and meet with God.

The Band
Tyler Robbio


Tyler Vincent Robbio had a calling to music since he was young. From 5th to 12th grade he participated in the school band, with the last 3 of those years being in the competitive jazz ensemble. He has been playing guitar for 9 years, taking every music class he could, including instrumental workshop and arranging and composition. God called him into the worship team at CHCC in West Warwick, RI, where he has been serving for 4 1/2 years. He is the youth worship director for the youth group there, and has been playing with Stephanie Joy for about 4 years, with many gigs outside of church as well as inside.

John Volatile

Bass | Background Vocals

John Volatile picked up his 1st guitar at age 9. From that point on he knew that music was going to be an important part of his life. At age 13 he gave his heart to Jesus and has been singing and worshiping him ever since. At 16 John became the frontman for the evangelical Christian rock band State Of Alert; their anthem being “Rock & Roll with a message of hope”. Throughout the years John has been part of many musical projects, which includes musicals, original song compositions, ensembles and orchestra teams. Currently John is a member of the CHCC worship team and plays bass and background vocals for Stephanie Joy!

Psalms 86:12
I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify your name forever.

Mike Napoleoni


Coming from a family of drummers, Mike’s biggest influence was his father. Mike watched him play in church weekly and became a lover of the instrument ever since. Mike received his first drum set when he was 5 and his love for drums and music has grown ever since. He has played drums in his church band since 2008 and still doing so. Mike is overjoyed and thankful he can use the talent and passion that God gave him for his kingdom.

Chris Szymkowicz

Keys | Harmonica | Accordion

Having enjoyed music growing up but never finding a niche, Chris, during his senior year in high school took piano as an art credit and began to like it. As his desire grew, he decided to learn how to play the harmonica which allowed him to truly experience the joy of worshipping God with an instrument as well as gain the knowledge and confidence to learn the piano better. His journey for the love of music and playing has only been about two years, but has included a few other instruments and a continuous desire to worship God.

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